March 8, 2012

Outfit Post!

So I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know what I’m doing when I come here to blog. Not a clue. But that’s kind of the beauty of blogging, isn’t it? The blog is your own, so you really can’t do it “wrong.” I know this is going to be a real hodge podge blog, but two of the things I foresee popping up often is fashion and food. So I thought I’d be brave and try an outfit of the day post.

Today I’m rocking a pair of purple skinny jeans from Forever 21+, zebra shirt from New Look, grey moto jacket from Forever21+ and blue almond toe flats from New Look (which I have to say are the most comfortable shoes in the world. They’re amazing for running around getting errands done.) But enough chatter! Have a picture! (I promise photo quality and quantity will increase once I actually have my camera back! Right now it’s packed up in a box waiting to be moved. So cell phone pictures it is!)

So? What do you think?

March 7, 2012


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March 6, 2012

Mojito Cupcakes!

Okay, I’m a little ashamed with how long it’s taken me to get this second post up… But here it is! I’ve been thinking a lot about baking lately. Actually, I’ve been thinking a lot about baking and cooking, since the kitchen at my parents house is derelict and it’s nearly impossible to do either. As in the oven can’t get over about 250*. It’s sad, really, and makes me even more excited for my new place where (hopefully) the kitchen will work fabulously!

Anyway, since I can’t bake myself, I thought I’d share one of my favorite recipes with the rest of you! I created this from a hodge podge of cupcake recipes and put my own twist and tweak on it until it came out just how I liked it. I encourage you all to twist and tweak it to your own taste! Enjoy! All credit goes to the original owners of the recipes, if I knew who they were still I’d post a link!


My Mojito Cupcakes made with my favorite spiced rum, Sailor Jerry!


1 cup softened butter
1 cup brown sugar
2 cups self rising flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
4 eggs
zest of one lime
juice of one lime
1 shot of rum
1 tbsp mint (or chop up a handful of fresh mint)

Mix all the ingredients together (I prefer mixing dry together first, and then adding in the wet. I’m sure there’s a fancy bakers way to do this properly, but honestly, I don’t have that kind of patience, and my cupcakes came out just fine, thank you.) Add to paper cupcake wrappers in a cupcake tray, or to silicone cupcake cups. (I personally LOVE the silicone ones. Keeps you from having to worry about paper and they come out clean every time. Just remember to spray them down with Pam!)

Bake in a preheated oven at 350* for about twenty minutes. But keep an eye on this! My oven (or at least the one I had back when I made these) baked them a little faster than twenty, so keep a close watch and use a toothpick to determine baked-ness. (Don’t judge my use of non words.)


3 tbsp rum (Not gonna lie, I ended up using a bit more. But this just goes to taste!)
2 tbsp lime
2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp mint

While the cupcakes are baking, mix all the ingredients for the glaze together in a saucepan and simmer it for 5 minutes.

When the cupcakes are finished, use a toothpick to poke a few holes in the top and then pour a tsp or so of the syrup into the holes. You can also pour a little bit of straight rum in.


1 stick (1/2 cup) of butter or margarine, left at room temperature until soft.
4 cups of powdered sugar.
1/3 cup of your choice of light cream, evaporated milk or milk.
1 teaspoon of peppermint extract.

Using an electric mixer, cream the butter and half of the sugar until the mixture has a light consistency.

Continue mixing while adding in the cream or milk. Mix until smooth

Now add in the remaining sugar and the peppermint extract. Continue mixing until well blended.

I added a tiny bit of green food coloring to give my frosting that minty green look.

January 20, 2012

Here we go!

I’ve always wanted to have a blog, and truth be told I’ve started a handful of various web journals over the years– dating back to the years of Xanga in high school. My hope with this one is to actually keep it up! Blame it on ADD or forgetfulness, I’ve never been able to maintain a quality blog for long periods of time. I hope to change that now. So, if you’ve stumbled my way, welcome aboard! I hope you find the company fun and the atmosphere warm and cozy!

January 20, 2012


The Rosemont handbag from ShoeDazzle in Dusty Pink

I thought I’d kick things off with a little boot action. (Get it? Boots? Kick? I’m so punny! Move along, Kristen, you’re losing them.) Right. I’m sure most of you have heard of ShoeDazzle, the website run by Kim Kardashian. You sign up to be a member and once a month your credit or debit card is charged a flat fee of $39.99 in exchange for a “credit.” Each credit can be used to purchase a pair of shoes, a bag, or various other fashion accessories. I was a little leery about signing up because I don’t really like anyone having access to my checking account, but they had a handbag I absolutely adored and the first purchase is only $31.96. My little shopper’s heart couldn’t resist.

Since then I’ve been careful to go in at the start of every month and choose the “Skip the month” option which keeps my card from being charged– I am, after all, on a budget. Well, it slipped my mind in the month of December so my card was charged and I was given a credit on the site. I’m not sure how I missed the money coming out of my bank account, but somehow I didn’t notice. Until I went to skip the month in January and saw that I already had a credit. Once again, my little shopper’s heart took over and I gleefully started perusing the site to use the credit I already had, and stumbled onto the 50% off section. I could get two pairs of shoes for the price of $39.99– an amount I had already paid a month ago! Glorious news!

The Nina boots in brown.

I found a pair of boots that I absolutely fell in love with called “Nina” and they instantly found their way into my shopping cart. I love the earthy brown color, the slightly higher ankle, and I even surprised myself by really liking the quirky cut outs. Usually I’m not a fan of boots with any openings, (I’ll admit, I’m slowly warming up to open toed boots, but it’s been a process!) but I really love what these cut outs add to the style of the shoe.

According to my UPS tracking number, these little babies should be coming home to me today, and I can’t wait to try them on. Here’s hoping they live up to my expectations!


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April 23, 2008

This takes me back…

Ah… Xanga. It was the best of times… it was the worst of times… Okay, maybe not so much. I just thought my return to Xanga warranted some dramatic entrance.

Before I go any further, let me say this: Cassandra. I blame you for this.

This is going to be one of those entries that updates everyone on what’s been going on in my life, and what is going to be going on in the near future. Yeah, I know, people hate these. I don’t care; this is for me, not you.

I’m still chuggin’ along like a good little train through the college years. Every time I think about the fact that I should have been done with all this college nonsense last year just makes me want to hit myself in the head with a spoon, so I’ll try not to do that. The important thing is that I’m still trying, and slowly but surely, getting closer to my goal. Which, at the moment is leading me back to Florida. Oh that state which I love and hate.

Florida holds a lot of good memories for me. I spent a lot of my youth there, growing up with my brothers, and visiting my grandparents in Cocoa Beach. I loved Florida when I was a kid. It meant beaches and never having to wear shoes, and everything that is summer. Now, I tend to equate it with the year I spent in Gainesville, which was lonely, long, and just an all around bad time for me. I’m slowly learning to not let my past define my future. I know the things I’ve been through have shaped me into the person I am today, and I believe I’m much stronger than I was back when I was 16. But that doesn’t mean I have to continue to relive my life as it was all those years ago. If I live in the past, I’ll only be more prone to repeating it. I’ll live in the here and now, thanks all the same.

I feel change coming, and it excites me (yes, it scares me too, but I’m not going to dwell on that). I remember this feeling well, it came every year, right around springtime when my parents told me where we’d be moving in the summer. This time it’s so much bigger, though. This time it’s my choice, my move, my life. I’m ready for God to take me to where he wants me to be. I’m a different person than the girl I was when I moved to Gainesville. I’m stronger, smarter, more determined… I’m the girl that’s going to make this what it needs to be for me to grow into the person that God wants me to be. I’m ready.

Cassandra and I will be making the trip down on Monday, and I’m so glad I’ve got her to help me get things settled down there. I’m often stunned at how close we’ve become over the past few months. I admit; I wasn’t expecting it at all. I’ve been hearing her name for the past five years or so, and she’s been hearing mine. How did we go so long without meeting? She’s become one of my dearest friends, and I’m so glad I have her in my life. We understand each other. I needed that so much.

Life is about to change. And I can choose what I’m going to make it. There’s a really silly poem my mom used to recite to us kids when I was little.

God has given us to ends,
Each with a common link,
With the one you sit,
With the other you think,
Success in life depends
On which you choose,
Heads you win,
Tails you lose.

I used to find it funny, when she’d say that. I thought it was a ridiculous little poem, and maybe it is. But it’s true. We have the choice to sit on our rears and let life take us wherever, or we can stand up and start thinking for ourselves. Making the best out of the situations that are given to us. I’ll choose the latter, thanks.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough, I suppose. If you read this far, kudos to you!

With Love,



December 22, 2007

Quick Update

Well, it’s been a while so I thought I’d stop in for a quick update. Unfortunately it’s 12:30 in the morning and I’m tired, so this is going to be pretty brief.

– I finally finished my second complete semester of school. (Ha!) Still on the dean’s list by some miracle.

– I got a Wii. My arms are sore.

– I went to the White House Christmas party last weekend and met President and Mrs. Bush.

… Actually that’s pretty much it. There might be more, but my brain just shut down for the night so I can’t think of it. It’s been a while since I’ve hung out with people, we should fix that.


Goodnight all!

November 1, 2007

Starry Night

 Kristen’s Art History Project: Select one piece of art from the Renaissance through Modern and create a mask based on it.

Kristen’s Art Skill Level: Zero.

Kristen’s Stress Level: Elevated.

Final Result:



All things considered, it came out better than I thought it would.


And, because people keep asking, it’s a plastic mask I bought at Michaels, which I drew on with multi colored sharpies. It took roughly four hours to make, at which point the fumes were getting to me. (Which explains the lower right hand corner, which looks like a blob of green. There wasn’t supposed to be any green, really.)

July 25, 2007

  Side View Front Bumper


Well… I got in a car accident. Long story short, lady cut me off on 66, I slamed my breaks, but didn’t have time to stop all the way, and I rear ended her. My insurance company just called. My car is totalled. And I can’t afford a new one. Pardon me while I slam my head into a wall. Repeatedly.





Who wants to donate to the Kristen-needs-a-new-car Fund?

July 6, 2007

Story time!

This is a little something I wrote for my English class. It amused me greatly, so I though I should share it! And yes, it’s a completely true story, from when we were living in Florida. Enjoy!



The One Armed Man


     My family has never had any problems finding adventure. In fact, I think it’s safe to say adventure finds us; we’re merely the innocent bystanders. This one particular adventure was so fantastical; it managed to catch even us off guard.

      It was a Wednesday night when it happened, which perhaps made it even harder to believe. After all, Wednesdays seem as if they should be rather uneventful. It’s right in the middle of the week, we’re fully recovered from the past weekend, and not yet preparing ourselves for the weekend looming ahead. Wednesdays should be easy… but not this Wednesday.  It was late, maybe about nine o’clock or so.  My family and I were driving home, and we’d just pulled onto what we called the “gate road.” We were living in a condominium complex in Homestead, Florida at the time, and in order to get back to the residential area, we had to go past the guard shack. It’s something we had done countless times; pull up to the gate, push the little button on the gate opener, wave to the guard, and proceed through the gate when it opened. Not this time. My mom slowed the van considerably as we approached the gate, and I glanced up; this was a distinct change in our regular routine.

      There was a man, standing in the middle of the road and blocking our path to the gate. He was waving one arm about above his head, looking slightly crazed. Upon closer examination, it was clear the man only had one arm, his right shirtsleeve hanging empty from his shoulder. I suppose the absurdity of the situation caused us all to react a little strangely. My mother started to roll the window down, to find out what was the matter, as it did seem as if there must have been some emergency he needed to inform us of. The one armed man approached the car at a quick pace, but did not walk up to the window to pursue a civil conversation with my mother. Instead, he leapt—quite impressively I might add, for a man who looked to be in his late forties—onto the bumper of our car. Once perched on the bumper, he proceeded to perform what can only be described as a jig; though I’m not sure that word really gives it justice.

      He had the time to stomp out perhaps three steps, before my mother’s instinct kicked in, and we were backing down the road as fast as the car would take us.  The man fell off the bumper, but somehow managed to stay upright, and it was only a few seconds before he was running after us. The road was miraculously vacant of any other traffic, so we were able to reverse down it in a (mostly) straight line. It was at this point we all realized two things: one, the guard was missing in action, which only added to our concern, and two, the one armed man was actually keeping pace with the van! Needless to say the stress level went up a couple of notches after that. It was also at this time the initial shock wore off, and all of us started talking at once, breaking the strange silence that had settled over us for a time.

      “Call the police! We need to call 911!”

      “And tell them what? There’s a one armed man chasing our car!? And he’s keeping up!”

      “I don’t know, maybe!”

      “I can’t call, I’m driving! You call!”

      “Wait! What happened to the guard!?”

      “Maybe we should just drive to Wal-Mart, we can sit in the parking lot for a while… wait till he goes away…” My brother Joey added his input from the backseat, seemingly calm, but obviously not wanting to face up to the one-armed man, “You know, this is a good example of why Americans have the right to bear arms!”

      We finally reached the end of the road, and turning the car, started driving to North Gate, on the other side of the property, hoping we’d be able to speak to a security guard. None of us could stop craning our necks around to search the view out the rear windshield, even though we seemed to have lost the man when we made the turn off the gate road.

      We pulled up to the gate house, and the security guard came out. My mother hesitated for a moment, before just diving right in, “This is going to sound crazy, but there was a one armed man chasing our car. He chased us all the way down the road at South Gate.”

      The security guard did look a little dubious, but after a quick explanation, she headed back into the guard shack and grabbed the phone, calling South Gate to find out exactly what was going on over there. We sat in the van and waited, still taking the occasional glance out the back windshield, just to make sure there was nobody coming for us. Joey was still encouraging us to go to Wal-Mart, not wanting anything else to do with the one-armed man, and I was sitting quietly, still trying to wrap my brain around what exactly had just happened.

      The guard finally returned to our car, and explained what had happened on the phone. The other guard—who was apparently still alive, a fact that none of us had been too sure about moments before—had been completely unaware of what was going on outside his window, but he did see the one-armed man walking back by the gate, and he called him over. He asked the man what he was doing, and if he’d just been chasing a van down the road. The man’s answer was simple; he had just wanted some cigarettes. He was chasing our van at top speed down the road for a cigarette. I suppose it’s impressive, not only was this man who had kept up with our car over forty years old, he was also a smoker. Perhaps the smoking had affected his brain in some way, and he was a little insane, or maybe he was so addicted to the cigarettes; he would do anything to get his hands on some.

      We never did find out for sure what that man had really wanted from us, but we all had a hard time believing it was a cigarette. We returned home that night—much to the chagrin of Joey it was sans Wal-Mart trip—but none of us could sleep. It wasn’t out of fear of the one armed man; who now holds that title in our family as if he’s some kind of superhero. We couldn’t sleep because we were laughing. We laughed so hard, tears were coming out of our eyes. My mother says it’s because we’d had such an adrenaline rush, and no way to release it, but I think it’s because it was funny. Maybe not when it was actually happening, and we were all terrified of this one armed man who was chasing our car for some unknown reason… Looking back, though, the ludicrousness of the situation is hard to ignore. It may not have been a life altering event, but it did ensure one thing about our family. None of us smoke.